Proper lighting of ArtDeyos is very important. What could be easier than the application of the design into a lampshade.

The unique style and techniques of ArtDeyo are incorporated into a material, encapsulated newsprint, suitable for use as lamp shades. This wonderful opportunity to highlight and color a room can bring many hours of enjoyment. Each shade offers a unique mood or feel. Each shade has it’s own personality.

Additionally the design incorporated into the shade flows and changes as the shade is turned offering you multiple options of style.

Visual effects change when the light is turned on or off. When the lamp is turned on the lampshade is being back lit, so the colors are more intense and the metallics are muted. When the lamp is turned off the lampshade is being front lit by other lighting sources, so the colors are more muted and the metallics are intensified.

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Showing all 11 results