About the Artist

Ed was born in Anniston, Alabama and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Auburn University.  During his stint there he co-oped in Nashville, TN working every other quarter for 2 years with a large Architectural and Engineering firm.   He also studied in Cortona, Italy for a summer through University of Georgia’s Studies Abroad Program, receiving special commendations for overall achievements and winning a sculpture competition there.

Moving from Atlanta to Charlotte in 1986 Ed opened his own business, ColorWorks, in Charlotte, NC in 1989.  He has received numerous national and international awards and built a substantial following.  Since late 2014, Ed operates his new business, ArtDeyo, in his hometown Anniston, AL.  Ed is currently involved in the Anniston community.  He is the President of the Anniston Council on the Arts and Humanities, Chairman of the Mainstreet Anniston program, and President of the Mainstreet Art Project.

Working in the custom prototype business for 30 years and owning a business for 25 of those years, dealing with high-end clientele with quick deadlines and delivering the absolute highest quality work possible has carried over to the fine art business.  Being professional with the highest standards, quality, and attention to detail is what ArtDeyo is all about.  You can feel confident that a purchase will be an investment well made that will appreciate in value and endure many lifetimes.

Ed has invented a unique process and developed his own high impact style.  No other artist, anywhere in the world works in this art form.

Ed’s versatile and exciting artwork takes many different shapes and applications…  It can be framed, suspended or mounted as well as taking the form of:


The multiple layering of pigments on clear mylar and papers allows each piece to be backlit, suspended or made into other objects, incorporating light, motion and function.  Each of Ed’s creations is an absolute one-of-a-kind original.

No two can be exactly the same.

Thank you for your trust that you will be getting a unique work of art that will add interest and positive attitudes indefinitely.

Join the growing list of private and corporate collectors to own and display this dynamic new art form.

To see where Ed is currently exhibiting, please visit the Exhibits page.